Sunday, November 15, 2015

Bragging Rights | Who's got the Best band in the Land?!

The 2015 LHSAA football season coming to an end, For the bands, this means the fall marching Season is also over. but it doesn't mean the battle is over. It's only just begun!
 Here's your chance to claim the throne!

Vote for your favorite high School band from now until December 10th  via  at our"Bragging Rights"page. as a result of your votes, The Best Band of the 2015 Football Season be will be revealed

For a better understanding of the poll and your votes.
Please be sure to  read the guidelines!! 

Need Help Getting to the Poll?  
Whether you'r on a mobile device or a home computer:
Go to
Via home computer:   mouse over  "The Bands"
Click the "Bragging Rights"tab beneath it. as pictured Below.

Via Mobile Device: as pictured to your right.
Click the menu at the top left of your screen,
Click on  the arrow to the right of "The Bands" and then click"Bragging Rights"

Happy Voting!