Tuesday, May 2, 2017

An All-Star Origin

In May of 2009, A Middle School Battle of the Bands was held at Behrman Stadium, The event included bands from Martin Behrman Charter, Sophie B. Wright Charter, William J. Fisher Academy and Siwell Jr. High from Jackson, Mississippi.

 In preparation for the battle, Behrman & Fisher School Bands practiced together as a one in hopes to play a few select tunes for the event. (as seen in the photo,) The rehearsals sparked the idea of an alumni based All-Star band with the intent of remembering & rekindling the spirit of the Original New Orleans Public School's All-Star Band (1999-2005). The Alumni Band began practicing within 2 weeks of the scheduled event. Unfortunately, due to lack of participation and time restraint, the alumni band did not work out. The middle school event went on to be a success.

The following year, the New Orleans All-Star Band made its debut as a guest at an event in Houston, Texas causing a chain reaction. Within a month, alumni community bands popped up all over the region hosting events with hopes to challenge Our All-Stars. Today The All Star Band is open to All who would like to participate.

Tidbit: Many of the Kids pictured are now in College Bands & still perform with the New Orleans All-Star Band today.

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